Advanced Techniques in Live Cell Microscopy

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Advanced Techniques in Live Cell Microscopy

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The Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling

University of Connecticut Health Center


in collaboration with


Carl Zeiss, Inc.




 October 22-25, 2007



Advanced Techniques in Live Cell Microscopy is a four-day hands-on course in advanced fluorescence microscopy of living cells.  The course is designed for experienced microscopists and will consist of morning lectures followed by afternoon laboratory sessions on the microscopes. Eight microscopy workstations will be available for hands on experiments in:

· widefield fluorescence imaging

· confocal imaging

· total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF)

· 2-photon excited fluorescence microscopy

· fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS)

· second harmonic imaging microscopy (SHG)

· microinjection of fluorescence probes

· multidimensional image visualization and analysis


Instruments to be made available include: a Zeiss LSM 5Live with DUOSCAN laser manipulator, Zeiss TIRF system, Zeiss LSM 510 confocal system, Zeiss LSM510 Meta confocal system, Perkin Elmer spinning disk confocal microscope, Zeiss Confocor3 /LSM510NLO Combi system and homebuilt second harmonic imaging microscope.



Special Guest Special Guest Lecture   Richard Superfine,

                                                               Dir., Center for Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation, U of. North Carolina


Instructors InsInstructors and Guest Speakers

Paul Campanola, UCHC

John Carson, UCHC

Ann Cowan, UCHC

Tom Diglio, Carl Zeiss, Inc.

Eric DuFresne, Yale University

JD Herlihy  Optical Analysis Cor

Laurinda Jaffe, UCHC

Doug Jahn, Coherent, Inc.

Leslie Loew, UCHC

Becky MacDonald, Carl Zeiss, Inc.

Eric Marino, Optical Analysis Corp

Bill Mohler, UCHC

Michelle Ocana, Optical Analysis Corp

Vladimir Rodionov, UCHC

Russell Taylor, U. North Carolina

Mark Terasaki, UCHC

Kathy Timp, Bitplane, Inc.

Klaus Weisshart, Carl Zeiss, Inc.


To register or To register or for more information, see the course website ( or

navigate from the CCAM website at