[Commercial Post] Invited webinar: Prof. Elisabeth Rhoades talks about "functional studies of dysfunctional proteins"

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[Commercial Post] Invited webinar: Prof. Elisabeth Rhoades talks about "functional studies of dysfunctional proteins"

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Dear list members,

It is a great pleasure and honor to welcome Prof. Elizabeth Rhoades from
the University of Pennsylvania (USA) to our series of invited webinars.
On Friday June 25, 2021 at 10 am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT),
corresponding to 4 pm Berlin time (CEST), Prof. Elizabeth Rhoades will
share some insights into her work.

What is the webinar about?

Tau and alpha-synuclein are intrinsically disordered proteins,
abundantly expressed in the brain. Both are associated with the
pathology of devastating neurodegenerative diseases through their
abnormal aggregation into beta-sheet rich fibers. Despite intensive
study, many open questions remain about both the exact roles of these
proteins in disease development, as well as about their native
functions. We use fluorescence lifetime microscopy, single molecule
fluorescence and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy to characterize
the interactions of tau and alpha-synuclein with cellular binding
partners to provide insight into their functional mechanisms which, in
turn, may be used to identify novel therapeutic approaches to treat

About the speaker

Prof. Elizabeth Rhoades obtained a B.S. in Physics and PhD in Biophysics
before joining the Group of Prof. Gilad Haran at the Weizmann Institute
as a postdoc , orking on single molecule FRET to study protein folding
dynamics. This was followed by a postdoctroal stay at the Cornell
University in the group of  Prof. Watt Webb, where she employed FCS to
characterize protein-membrane interactions. She joined the Molecular
Biophysics & Biochemistry Department at Yale University in 2006, then
moved to the University of Pennsylvania in 2015. Her lab focuses on
functional mechanisms of intrinsically disordered proteins, often using
single molecule fluorescence and quantitative microscopy.

Interested? Then register for free at: www.picoquant.com/webinars

Best regards
André Devaux
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