*Commercial Webinar* 1 week left to register: Deep Learning Super Resolution Microscopy

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*Commercial Webinar* 1 week left to register: Deep Learning Super Resolution Microscopy

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One more week to register for Professor Yoav Shechtman's talk about Deep Learning Super Resolution Microscopy using DHO's Engineered PSF Technology.  Spots still open, don't miss out!

About the Webinar:
Professor Yoav Schechtman from Technion Israel Institute of Technology is presenting his work on how we achieves unprecedented super-resolution localization using engineered PSFs and Deep Learning. Applications he will present include dens emitter fitting, multicolor imaging and volumetric multi-particle tracking and imaging. Additionally Schechtman will present his recent work combining PSF engineering with imaging flow cytometry to enable high-throughput 3D localization inside live cells.

This presentation is part of Double Helix Optics' Advanced Techniques Webinar Series.

Title: "Deep Learning using DHO's ePSFs"
Date: 12 January 2021
Time: 10 AM (MST) / 12 PM (EST)

Click Here to Register<https://www.doublehelixoptics.com/events/>

About DHO:
Double Helix Optics<https://www.doublehelixoptics.com/> designs and manufactures 3D imaging modules to deliver unrivaled depth with nano-scale precision using existing imaging and microscope systems. The company's SPINDLE line of imaging modules, library of phase masks and 3DTRAX software is enables 4D single molecule/particle tracking, 3D single molecule localization imaging, increased precision localization, extended depth of field imaging, and simultaneous multicolor 3D imaging. This patented imaging technology provides a cost-effective way for researchers to extend 2D capabilities to 3D with a simple add-on module.

Anjul Loiacono, Ph.D.
Sr. Director Sales and Marketing
Double Helix Optics

Join Us for our Upcoming Webinar: Deep Learning with DHO's ePSF Technology
Learn how Neural Networks can unlock unprecedented imaging capabilities.
January 12th, 2021
Register Here<http://www.doublehelixoptics.com/events/>

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