FOM2021 online, Abstract deadline: Febr. 2, 2021, Focus on Microscopy online 2021, March 28-31, 2021

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FOM2021 online, Abstract deadline: Febr. 2, 2021, Focus on Microscopy online 2021, March 28-31, 2021

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 Deadline for abstract submission: Tuesday, Febr. 2, 2021

FOM2021 online, March 28 - 31,
34th International Conference on 3D Image Processing in Microscopy
33rd International Conference on Confocal Microscopy

Dear Colleagues,

FOM2021 is nearing rapidly. Registration has opened and the deadline for abstract submission is Tuesday, February 2, 2021. Please submit your abstract by this date.

One-page abstracts for oral and poster presentations can now be submitted through the conference website:<> where also the conference registration has opened.

In this online conference both lectures and posters will be presented “live” by the authors. A chat function will be available for questions and discussions with the audience. The oral sessions will be recorded and be accessible by participants during and after the conference for approximately two months. The online conference will follow as much as possible the traditional FOM format including Company presentations.

After the unfortunately cancelled FOM2020 conference, it is a great pleasure to announce FOM2021 online: the next in a series of unique interdisciplinary meetings on advanced and multi-dimensional light microscopy and image processing. This time, due to the continuing covid-19 pandemic, the conference will be an online event.

The FOM2021 online conference will start on Sunday March 28, 2021 at 11.30 hrs. Amsterdam time (= GMT +2 hrs.). This corresponds to 5.30 hrs. New York time (=GMT -4 hrs.) and 18.30 hrs. Osaka time (=GMT +9 hrs.). The conference will end on Wednesday March 31, 2021. FOM2021 online will be held on a secured platform, only to be entered with an unique personal login code.

For further details please visit the FOCUS ON MICROSCOPY website:<>.  In addition to general information, the scientific program of previous FOM conferences – together with PDF’s of presented abstracts - can be found under the link “Past conferences”.

If you wish to be kept informed, please leave your email address at<>

FOM2021 online will be the continuation of a yearly conference series (since 1988) on the latest innovations and developments predominantly in optical microscopy and their application in biology, medicine, and the material sciences.

Key topics include:

  *   Theory and practice of confocal and multiphoton-excitation microscopy
  *   Super-resolution/nanoscopy imaging including: PSF engineering (4pi, SIM, STED), fluorescence activation/quenching, stochastic/centroid (PALM, STORM, GSDIM, SOFI and related techniques) and TIRF
  *   3D and 4D live cell and tissue imaging
  *   Adaptive optics for microscopy
  *   Light sheet microscopy
  *   Phase/interference based microscopies
  *   OCT, holographic, endoscopy
  *   Advanced fluorescence imaging/spectroscopy: FRET, FRAP, FLIM, FCS, SOFI
  *   New fluorescent probes, proteins, quantum dots, single molecule imaging
  *   Clearing and expansion techniques.
  *   Coherent non-linear microscopies: SHG, THG, SFG, CARS.
  *   Multi-dimensional fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy imaging
  *   Correlated microscopies like light/electron
  *   Laser manipulation and tracking, photo-activation
  *   Fast acquisition, automated and high-content microscopy
  *   3D image processing and visualization for multidimensional data

Important dates:
Deadline for the submission of abstracts        Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Acceptance of abstracts, program on the web     Thursday, February 26, 2021
Deadline for early registration Thursday March 11, 2021
FOM2021 online Conference       Sunday March 28 - Wednesday March 31, 2021
Easter Sunday 2021      Sunday, April 4, 2021

We hope to meet you online at FOM2021, the FOM2021 online organizers

  *   Fred Brakenhoff, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  *   Hans Gerritsen, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

E-mail: [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>