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Focus on Mcroscopy some thoughts

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on Sunday we are going to start with Focus on Microscopy, it will be online, full digital, due to COVID-19.
It will be great, check the program at

This email is to state once againg we miss our meetings in person so here you can find a picture recalling Focus on MIcroscopy in Genoa, 2003 that I organized with Cesare Usai. It was a great FOM as all the FOM meetings. I still have in my eyes those of you attendìng that meeting the famous ones and the young ones. I still remeber Mats and our tour with his baby in the historical center. With some emotion I remember the opening lectures with Scott Fraser, Satoshi Kawata and Stefan Hell ...the projection with some troubles offering people some time to see how nice was the room at palazzo Ducale, the room that Tom Jovin described statue by statue at the closing lecture ( I prudly remember it. It was the year of LAMBS (laboratory for Advanced Microscopy, Bioimaging and Spectroscopy, the DiasproLab today)  and all the young microscopists that you find today spread in different labs, among them the staring kernel with Valentina Caorsi, Davide Mazza, Paolo Bianchini, Mattia Pesce, Marco Scotto followed by Giuseppe Vicidomini, Ilaria Testa, Francesca Cella Zanacchi, Emiliano Ronzitti  and many others later and now always attending FOM.

Picture Link:

We had a lot of fun on 2003 and later years ...we continue having a lot of fun and science at FOM.

All the best

Alberto Diaspro
Dipartimento di Fisica, UNIGE
Dipartimento di Nanofisica, IIT