Invitation for Vendor Sponsorship for the New England Cytometry Users Group Meeting

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Invitation for Vendor Sponsorship for the New England Cytometry Users Group Meeting

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Greetings everyone:
We are proud to announce the New England Cytometry Users Group Fall meeting; Current Concepts in Flow and Image Cytometry which will be held October 18, 2007 from 9 am - 5 pm at the Boston Cambridge Marriot Hotel.

We have an excellent line up of speakers this year:

C. Bruce Bagwell, MD, Ph.D. - Verity Software House
Anne E. Carpenter, Ph.D. - MIT Broad Institute
Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz, MD, Ph.D. - New York Medical College
Charles [Chuck] Goolsby, Ph.D. - Northwestern University
JeanMarie Houghton - UMASS Medical School
Howard Shapiro, MD
Simon Watkins, Ph.D. - University of Pittsburg School of Medicine
As always, we look forward to interact with the vendors who provide us the tools and supplies to make our Research and Diagnostic work a reality. As well, our meeting success depends on sponsorships from our vendors. As many of you know, our last few meetings have been very successful, with attendance from 135 - 185 people spanning the US and Canada. This meeting promises to be one of our best. Please see the list below of sponsorship levels and table sizes. As well, we are offering the opportunity to sponsor breakfast and breaks. Please contact John Daley [[hidden email]] or David Gebhard [[hidden email]] directly if you are considering sponsoring one of the breaks.  Please send your check payable to "New England Cytometry Users Group" to me at the address below.

6 foot table [2 attendees admitted] $800.00
[2] 6 foot tables [4 attendees admitted] $1400.00
Literature Only [no attendee, we will set up] $500.00

Additional Vendor attendees will incur a registration fee of $60.00.
Please let me know if you will require any power for instrumentation for computer workstations or instrumentation. There is a nearby loading dock and street access for literature or instrumentation. If you will be shipping anything to the conference, please contact me as well.

I look forward to working with you to make our meeting a mutual success.
My very best regards,
Richard F. Konz, Jr.
President, New England Cytometry Users Group
Richard F. Konz, Jr.
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine
Graduate Faculty, Immunology and Virology Program
Director, Flow Cytometry Core Facility
UMass Medical School
55 Lake Avenue North
Room: S5-322
Worcester, MA 01655
Office: 508-856-1598
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Fax: 508-856-2755
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