Job Vacancy in Advanced Microscopy Development @ KCL - Deadline 16th May

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Job Vacancy in Advanced Microscopy Development @ KCL - Deadline 16th May

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Dear colleagues,
Very excited to announce a new postdoc opportunity to join my UKRI Future Leaders Project at King's College London. Please find the details below. The selected candidate will work closely with our team to develop novel optical imaging strategies to enable the complete optical interrogation of tumour derived spheroid models, to investigate tumour invasion & progression. Post is initially for 24 months but can be extended up to 4 years. Closing date to apply is on the 16th May. Please kindly pass onto whoever you may think may be interested in this position.
Many thanks,
Simon Poland

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow
School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Sciences
King's College London

Position Title: Research Associate
Department: Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Salary Scale: Grade 6

Job Description:
We are seeking a highly motivated and talented postdoctoral researcher to join Dr. Simon Poland's advanced imaging group at the Comprehensive Cancer Centre at King's College London. Building on previously conducted research at King's college London, the selected candidate will work closely with our  team to develop novel optical imaging strategies to enable the complete optical interrogation of tumour derived spheroid models, to understand how cancer cells are able to dissociate from the primary tumour, evade immune surveillance and invade surrounding tissues. Collaborating with several cancer research scientists at King's, tumour spheroid cultures will be constructed to closely imitate the tumour microenvironment and several key interactions between cancer cells, other constituent cells and the extracellular matrix in the tumour microenvironment will be investigated. The successful candidate must have attained a PhD degree (or close to completion) in Physics, Engineering, Mathematics or related subject. Expertise on the use of, design and construction of advanced optical imaging platforms are essential. The post holder will be required to design, develop, and be responsible for the delivery of internationally competitive research. Emphasis is placed on highly motivated, team-oriented, creative individuals able to independently tackle original scientific projects.

Key Responsibilities:

  *   Develop advanced imaging platforms for 3D Cell culture imaging
  *   To work with others in the broader research environment to develop novel imaging methodologies for functional imaging of Spheroid and organoid 3D tissue models
  *   Develop data analysis methods appropriate for 3D imaging
  *   To write publications for appropriate scientific journals and to present research findings at scientific meetings
  *   Support and nurture staff to independence to achieve their potential whilst further developing my leadership skills
  *   Participate in project meetings, including symposia and workshops.
  *   Collaborate with physicists and biologists at KCL
  *   Write up results of your own research
  *   Liaise with internal and external research colleagues and support staff on research matters
  *   Make internal and external contacts to develop knowledge and understanding and form relationships for future collaboration
  *   Communicate material of a specialist or highly technical nature
  *   Plan own research and co-ordinate work with that of others to avoid conflict or duplication of effort
  *   Make use of novel and innovative research techniques and methods
  *   Deal with problems which may affect the achievement of research objectives and deadlines
  *   Contribute to collaborative decisions making affecting the work of the team
  *   Actively participate as a member of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  *   Collaborate with academic colleagues on areas of shared research interest
  *   Attend and contribute to relevant meetings
  *   To demonstrate a willingness to develop personal objectives via regular appraisals with an academic mentor

Skills, Knowledge and experience:

  *   BSc in Physics, engineering or related subject
  *   Ph.D. in Physics, engineering or related subject (either completed or near completion)
  *   Knowledge and experience in advanced microscopy Imaging platforms
  *   Prior use and development of advanced optical imaging techniques
  *   Flexible and collaborative
  *   Willingness to learn new skills
  *   Hands-on experience on optical cell and tissue imaging e.g. confocal microscopy
  *   Mechanical and/or optical design experience
  *   Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  *   Commitment to high quality research
  *   Ability to prioritise work
  *   Communication with researchers in other fields

Please find more details in the link below: