Job opening Image Analyst at University of Copenhagen

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Job opening Image Analyst at University of Copenhagen

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Dear listers,

We are opening a position as BioImage Analyst at CFIM, University of Copenhagen. We are a microscopy facility with multiple state-of-the-art electron and light microscopes, and are an international team supporting Academic users across the research community here in Copenhagen and Denmark.

Application deadline is July 31st.

Here a link for more information and application:

Thanks for your interest and Best Regards on behalf of the CFIM team,



Bioimage Analyst at CFIM (Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy)<>

Pablo Hernández-Varas, PhD.
Applications specialist, CFIM
[hidden email]

University of Copenhagen
Faculty Of Health Sciences
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Blegdamsvej 3B,<> Build 21.01
DK-2200 Copenhagen<>

MOB +45 93 50 91 11<tel:+45%2050%2052%2088%2033>
FAX +45 35 32 74 18<tel:+45%2035%2032%2074%2018>