Junior optical engineer position available in a 3-photon imaging lab

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Junior optical engineer position available in a 3-photon imaging lab

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My lab at the University of Minnesota is looking for a junior optical
engineer to work directly with two senior engineers and the principal
investigator to perform various tasks which pertain to our optical
instruments. Typical instruments in the laboratory are microscopes coupled
to ultrafast lasers such as Insight X3, Spirit-Nopa (from Spectra-Physics),
Monaco (from Coherent), and an OPCPA (from Class5 Photonics). Other
instruments include a home-built second harmonic generation frequency
resolved optical gating (SHG-FROG), beam profilers, spectral analyzers and
IR cameras. The junior engineer will be responsible for task level
activities, including the testing, integration, and maintenance of optical
modules. Required Qualifications: BS degree in Mechanical, Electrical or
Optical Engineering, Physics, or Optics. For more info on the lab, visit

Interested candidates may apply on the campus job site: