Looking for a 555 nm DPSS laser from an old ZEISS LSM 700

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Looking for a 555 nm DPSS laser from an old ZEISS LSM 700

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Dear colleagues,

a not really rich group here in Freiburg has a 12 year old LSM 700,
which is still in good condition, but lately the 555 nm DPSS laser died.
A replacement laser from Zeiss (including service about 30 k) is clearly
above their budget. Therefore I am looking if someone of you has
probably an old LSM 700 sitting around with this laser still being
operational or even dismantled in parts in the cellar.

That would be an optimal situation for us if you are willing help them out.

Please contact me directly of the list for further details.

Thanks a lot


Dr. Roland Nitschke

Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg

Life Imaging Center (LIC)


79104 Freiburg


e-mail: [hidden email]
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phone:+49 761 203 2934

web LIC:https://miap.eu/miap-units/life-imaging-center-lic 

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