Proper reporting of microscopy experiments

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Proper reporting of microscopy experiments

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Dear colleagues,

The Advanced Imaging Center is pleased to announce that we have recently published a pair of back-to-back papers on the necessary documentation and reporting of microscopy-based results in publications.  

They are available through these links below. Also of potential interest to core facilities, we have included accompanying downloadable forms, available at the end of each articles, that can be shared with users so that the proper (and bare minimal) parameters for both image acquisition and digital processing can be recorded.

Heddleston, J.M., Aaron, J.S., Khuon, S., Chew, T.-L. (2021) A guide to accurate reporting in digital image acquisition – can anyone replicate your microscopy data?
J. Cell Sci. doi: 10.1242/jcs.254144

Aaron, J.S., Chew, T.-L. (2021) A guide to accurate reporting in digital image processing – can anyone reproduce your quantitative analysis? 
J. Cell Sci. doi:10.1242/jcs.254151

I want to single out Guillermo Marques, Thomas Pengo and Mark Sanders who first published their excellent, if not downright alarming, survey of many prominent journals, and showed that most microscopy-based experiments are severely under- and mis-reported in the literature. Their paper ( has inspired our follow-up exploration of what need to be reported, and why.

Hope you find these papers useful.