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The position for a Microscopic Imaging Specialist at Rutgers RBHS Newark NJ has been reposted. Please see the information and the new link below.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is seeking a Microscopic Imaging Specialist for the Imaging Core Facility in the Office of Research at New Jersey Medical School. Under the direction of the facility manger the Microscopic Imaging Specialist will be required to operate and maintain the high-end microscopic imaging systems within the Core Facility, including the Nikon A1R HD SI confocal microscope, the Nikon Ti2 High Content Imaging System, the Objective Imaging whole slide imaging system, the Zeiss PALM laser capture microdissection microscope, the brand new Leica Stellaris 8 tau-STED 3x Nanoscopy system, as well as other microscope systems with-in the core. Will be directly responsible for the training and assistance of researchers using the microscopy systems within the core facility.

Full Job Posting:

Job Posting Contact: Luke Fritzky, [hidden email]

Thank you,
Luke Fritzky

Cellular Imaging and Histology Core
NJMS Cancer Center
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Newark, NJ 07103
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