Seeking experienced Optical Engineer for newly created position to build pre-commercial light sheet systems within the Rockefeller University's Bio-Imaging Resource Center

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Seeking experienced Optical Engineer for newly created position to build pre-commercial light sheet systems within the Rockefeller University's Bio-Imaging Resource Center

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Hi colleagues,

I would be grateful if you would forward the information about this exciting new opportunity for an optical engineer to work at the Rockefeller University's Bio-Imaging center in New York.  Many thanks! Alison

Optical Engineer position at the Rockefeller University
Job description
The candidate will contribute to the development of a new, integrated platform for the acquisition and analysis of data from pre-commercial light-sheet instruments for microscopy on living organisms and cells, funded initially by a 5-year Beckman Foundation grant to the Rockefeller University.  They will build, maintain and modify pre-commercial light-sheet microscopes as required and train researchers in their use.   They will work in close collaboration with optical microscopy and image analysis staff, biologists, physicists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, and precision instrumentation fabrication experts in an international and interdisciplinary environment.
As a staff member in the Bio-Imaging Resource Center (BIRC), the candidate will liaise between the research scientists, the existing microscopy and image analysis staff, and a new advanced image analyst who will implement deep learning-based approaches to analyze the light-sheet data.  The instruments will be built in a dedicated new laboratory space housed on bedrock underneath the existing BIRC laboratory.  Light-sheet systems to be established will be pre-commercial systems such as the  Lattice Light Sheet and MOSAIC systems, using designs kindly provided by the Janelia Research Campus.  The engineer will also be expected to implement other pre-commercial systems in due course and execute custom modifications of other BIRC microscopes as required.
The candidate should have:

  *   A Ph.D. or equivalent in optical engineering, physics, biophysics, or a related field;
  *   A broad understanding of optical imaging techniques;
  *   A demonstrated ability to build bespoke microscopes or other instruments from scratch;
  *   Experience in programming scientific instrumentation;
  *   Teaching and training experience;
  *   Working knowledge of image and data acquisition, preferably with imaging biological samples.
The successful candidate must be enthusiastic, rigorous, and motivated; have excellent interpersonal and communication skills; and possess the flexibility required to work within a team and a service-oriented environment. In addition, they should be a self-starter with a proven ability to initiate collaborative projects and introduce biologists to complex equipment.  They will also be expected to establish close networks with colleagues nationwide involved in similar projects as this senior position will involve a significant degree of autonomy.
How to apply
We offer a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and a collaborative working environment.
Please visit the URL below and apply to the job code “IRC26286”.  Please make sure to upload your resume and a cover letter:

The Rockefeller University is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veterans

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